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A Trifield GaussmeterI thought it might be worth setting up a website to talk a little more about my story, and to allow people to contact me with questions or information that might be useful in helping us all understand more about the safety of EMR/EMF in the home and workplace.

I believe that EMR is something that should be well understood by every homeowner due to the proliferation of it in every single aspect of modern life, in your home, your car, your workplace, and that we should all take a considered and cautious approach to its use by knowing the facts about its effect on ourselves and our children.

I will be adding a list of books and materials that I think will be of interest to those who still have time left in the day to read! also links to experts in the field (unlike myself :-), links to providers of EMF meters, people who can measure the EMF in your home, and anything I find on the science and biological effects of EMR/EMF.

I welcome any information from those of you who are experts, and any theories, however wild, are well worth discussing (within sane boundaries of course, i.e. I'm not sure that EMF is responsible for the Global Financial Crisis :)

For now, you can subscribe to my newsletter which will start in January, answer my Poll on the right hand side of this article,  and fill in the Contact page if you have any questions.

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A little video to show you how to use a tri-field (3 dimensional) gauss meter from electricsense.com

Here is the beginning of my story for those who are interested, I am fortunate that I am one of those who has been able to recover to a large degree, and have not been nearly as affected as a large number of people are reporting.

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